Golden Mustard Silk Velvet Ribbon




Golden Mustard Silk Velvet Ribbon is beautiful, flowy. Silk Velvet ribbon are handy dyed, frayed and torn to perfection. The ribbon is one continuous length of 1 or 3 yards, hand torn ribbon without seams.

 Silk Velvet Ribbon is the perfect special finishing touch for your bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, styling details and invitations or even wrapping presents. Due to their handmade nature each ribbon is unique and may slightly in length/width.

Ribbon Details:

1 or 3 yards total length
widths available: 1 inch, 2 inch, Custom Size with minimum yardage. 
We offer 35 + Colors of Silk Velvet 
100% silk velvet ribbon
Frayed Raw Edge Ribbon

Processing time is approximately 7 days & 2-3 business days for shipping

Please contact us for rushed order and custom sizes and colors!

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