Aqua Turquoise Velvet Table Runner | Velvet Table Runner




If you want to add elegance, color, and texture to your event tablescape, a silk velvet table runner is all you need. You can use it as the main pop of color to your table that will unify with your event’s official color themes.

Our silk velvet table runners can be used on any occasion and on various table shapes and sizes. One of the softest velveteens we've seen, make this Velveteen Table runner your go-to for any occasion. Smooth and lush in hand, its high-quality Texture. It's aMedium weight and with stretch You can make the most of its malleable drape. Completely opaque, a lining is not necessary.

These silk velvet runners are artisan made and are hand dyed using the finest organic dyes in the market. A great event needs nothing but the best pieces to make it extra special!

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