Silk Chiffon Table Runner | Peach Sheer Silk Runners




Silk Chiffon Table Runner & Peach Sheer Silk  Runners

Silk Chiffon table runners are made with a Silk Chiffon fabric that has a flowy airy feel, with a romantic sheer soft drape, and crepe-like texture.

These brand new 2017 Textiles are beautiful and soft material with a airy type of feel and flows gracefully as a table runner or decor accent. The lightest chiffon which makes a stunning sheer table runner. Available in most of our range of colors. Please ask if you'd like to order a different colour.

Please choose a variation to order the length you desire.

Ideal for vintage wedding decor, romantic southern wedding and modern inspired table decor for use as a styling fabric for your detail shots.

***SHIPPING costs are estimates, if the shipping cost to your location is much less than the posted price we will refund you the overage via PayPal.

Please contact me with larger custom orders so just convo me for your requests. I ship internationally so feel free to request a shipping quote.


Hand wash in warm water with a pH neutral soap. Rinse three times, adding 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to the second rinse. Rinse and spin in washing machine, gentle cycle, then tumble dry on delicate. For a more formal look the runner may be pressed after spinning with a hot, dry iron.

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