Lace Tablecloth




This is a lovely vintage lace doily tablecloth overlay in beautiful for a farm table, weddings, vintage decor, boho decor. Decorative Linen in white cotton has a nice combination of cutwork & lace embroidery, featuring floral designs and scalloped edges. Beautiful Shabby Chic table decor for use as a dessert, buffet centerpiece, or runner. Lace is a perfect wedding day if you're planning a classic romantic or vintage wedding they are sure to add a soft, delicate ethereal look.

These gorgeous Lace Tablecloths enhance an elegant gala and add a touch of glamour to a rustic vintage vibe. These high-end Lace Table Overlays are ideal on the head or sweetheart table and absolutely SPECTACULAR on all the tables adding both texture and elegance to create an unforgettable ambiance. White lace tablecloths, overlays or table toppers - rounds or squares. Please choose a size from the drop-down menu. Please contact me for large or custom sizes. The fabric is dreamy soft and delicate. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO CHECK ON SIZES OR CUSTOM SIZE REQUESTS.

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