Rust Gauze Table Runner | Table Linen




Gauze table runners are made with from weave organic fabric. Gauze table runners give wedding a rustic romantic look with this wide hand dyed gauze table runner. It is so can be used to style wedding details for your special events, wedding backdrop decor, table linens, shower party, or any occasion. Add this flowing cotton gauze table runner to perfectly create a textured accent to your tablescape or centerpiece.

Gauze table runners feature fold over hem
15 in. wide by 108 in. long, fits most table sizes
Please choose a variation to order the length you desire.

CARE: Hand wash in warm water with a pH neutral soap. Rinse three times, adding 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to the second rinse. Rinse and spin in washing machine, gentle cycle, then tumble dry on delicate. For a more formal look the runner may be pressed after spinning with a hot, dry iron.

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