Lavender Silk Chiffon Table Runner




Lavender Silk Chiffon Table Runner

Silk chiffon table runner are airy and hand dye. They flow beautiful on farm tables and vintage decor. These are handmade with natural dye for silk. Its a beautiful and soft material are hand made and can be bespoken to your requests. 

 We provide the highest quality and most range of colors. Please send me a message for a custom color or size. High end silk chiffon fabric set this runner apart. Fabulous in a rustic, modern vintage, open airy dining area and equally festive for summer or winter gatherings, place a lovely china, floral centerpieces and make a even bolder statement.

You can tie it off with ribbon or have it flowing loose onto the floor to provide a true romantic airy feel to your event. This runners are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Material: Silk Chiffon with sewn edges

Color Below: Lavender 

When ORDERING: Please indicate color and size from the dropbox.

Beautiful table decor for use on farm tables, accent tables, cake table, bouquet, dessert tables, sweetheart tables, or simply to add some romance to your event.

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